title>Lal Bahadur Shastri Government PG College Saraswati Nagar

College Activities


The College encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities, under the supervision of our experienced and competent staff members. Every student has to compulsorily participate in either of the following activity.

  1. N.C.C.: Students are lucky that this college has separate NCC units for Boys and Girls. NCC teachers students the lesson of discipline and inculcates in them quality of leadership. Anyone who is medically fit is welcome to join NCC. Students must remember that the "C" certificate holder of N.C.C. is eligible to appear directly for interview in the Armed Forces.
  2. N.S.S.: The College has two NSS Units. The purpose of NSS is to encourage community services in young minds. Students are taught value of rendering their services for the improvement of rural and urban environment. Likely NCC certificate holders, NSS volunteers also get 2% weight age for admission in postgraduate classes.
  3. Rangers & Rovers: The College has one unit each of Rangers & Rovers to inculcate the value of adventure, discipline and velour. The girls and boys can join Rangers & Rovers activities.


Anumber of literary, cultural and subject societies/ clubs function in the college to inculcate the spirit of public speaking, quizzing, dramatics and talent among the students. These societies are: (i) English Society (ii) Science Society (iii) Social Science Society (iv) Geography Society (v) Commerce Society (vi) Red-Ribbon Club. Every student of the College is expected to take an active participation in at least one of the societies/ clubs afore listed.